Electronic / electrical assemblies are what Alan Springett is able to assist with for cost-downs. We can help you with:

Electronic Assemblies and Electrical Assemblies

With over 40 years experience in the Australian electronics and electrical industry, Alan Springett has the knowledge and capabilities to offer your company ways of achieving very effective cost down solutions for your electronic assemblies and electrical assemblies.

 Printed Circuit Board Assembly                                                   
All forms of pcba can be addressed. Also testing, programming and design input.
 Cable and Cable Harnesses.                                                             
 Cable procurement and all forms of loom assembly can be addressed.

 Metal work.                                                                                            
 Sheet metal, powdercoating, CNC turning/ milling, Die-Caste, extrusions (heatsinks).
Tooling and part supply. Plastic boxes/enclosures. Tube and extrusion.
  Custom assemblies.                                                                           
May incorporate all of the above, assembled into one part-number. Potting.
 Enclosures and subassembly.                                                        
Metal enclosures, potentially customised and with inner parts assembled. 
 PROCUREMENT .                                                                                 
Experienced Asian sourcing, negotiating, and buying of electronic/electrical parts.
Alan is able to leverage your requirements DIRECTLY into a professional Taiwanese manufacturing and procurement organisation, of 40 years experience, and existing buying power of about $1 million per fortnight. Not too big and not too small.


Therefore six great risks (or downfall points) for Australian OEMS dealing directly with Asia are nullified immediately.

1)      Low costs are negotiated at “Asian” market levels, they do this with the relationships they already have.

2)      Only manufacturers known to be of good quality are  used, well established over decades.

3)      MOQs are realistic, and not punitive.

4)      You work directly with Asia, cutting out an importers’ profit margin and shortcomings.

5)      Multiple sources out of Taiwan/China can be single sourced and handled this way.

6)      Sub-assembly of procured parts can be managed, becoming one part, thus lowering labour costs and admin costs.


It is like (or mirrors) having your own office in Taiwan, for:

a) Obtaining best pricing, procurement, and managing added value such as sub-assembly in Asia.

b) inspection,

c) dealing with issues immediately and on-site, and

d) warehousing and consolidation.

Background: Alan Springett and Electronic Assemblies and Electrical Assemblies

Alan Springett works in Australia accessing a range of Taiwanese manufacturers enabling him to offer the highest quality Electronic Assemblies and Electrical Assemblies to the Australian electronics industry.

These manufacturers are “ ground floor” in terms of the supply chain, building and branding for Global manufacturers. This represents an opportunity for OEMs in Australia. This model is made possible and managed by the EAgroup of Taiwan, www.eagroup.com.tw . They are specialising in a wonderful supply model that suites many Australian companies. Since 1973 EAgroup have built up a business of significant buying power and relationships, that Australian companies can now share in, and take advantage of.

This is an excellent model for Australian companies to “cost-down” their parts and services, for not just parts, but the greater vision of outsourcing the sub-assembly of parts into electronic assemblies and electrical assemblies, or indeed, full turnkey outputs that can then be warehoused and despatched from Taiwan.

Of key importance is that Australian companies work directly with EA. There is no local Australian mark-ups involved. Of course EAgroup have a humble margin, but with spending a US$1mill per fortnight with the correct and known factories, and at “homesoil” prices, it makes sense that they will provide the correct mix of low cost, good quality, long term satisfaction , no suprises, and low risk. So Australian companies work directly with EAgroup, with Alan Springett as the local contact.

Alan has earnt a good reputation over 40 years in the industry, and is persistently passionate about helping Australian companies in the area of manufacturing and cost-downs. All electronic assemblies and electrical assemblies are done in approved factories best suited for the range of applications, where EAgroup manage and audit the quality. EAgroup have an office in China as well, for the purpose of checking the quality and other aspects of shipping from China. One very important consideration is that, unlike other supply companies where the actual source of your goods in kept under wraps, EAgroup’s customers, and potential customers, are most welcome to visit EAgroup office in Taipei. They will then be introduced and shown into the relevant factories, and have the opportunity to meet with the factory bosses (often this will be the owners), and inspect / audit the operation to satisfy themselves.

From mid 2012 until now, Alan Springett has introduced many Australian companies to EAgroup, and many companies have taken up the opportunity. Even though it is still early days of EA in Australia (EAgroup has worked with USA and European markets) most companies have since increased the range of electronic and electrical assemblies from EAgroup, due to customer satisfaction, and of course the important “cost-downs” achieved.

Much of the work is “custom-made”, and includes

• aluminium extrusions, heatsinks and boxes,

• plastic tooling and moulding, and assembly,

• sheet metal parts, CNC turned & milled, die-cast