Many Australian OEMs may feel that they are paying too much for electrical parts, and wish at the same time to lower costs.

a)      Fans and Fan accessories:           We have a number of fan customers, including a “custom” fan involving tooling.

b)      Enclosures (metal and plastic):   Think also that we can customise (add required holes and assemble parts with-in).

c)      Taiwan UPS and PDU products:   We can procure (and possibly brand) World class and v.competitive against the globals.

d)      Taiwan  Power Supplies:             Are the most competive and reliable. Why not ask? Alan will help.

e)      Batteries.                                    We can procure SSL approved brands, and also any terminal leads etc.

f)       Terminal blocks:                         From leading brands, or we can provide cost-down alternatives.

g)      Industrial /specialised switches:   Again, alternative sourcing may be accomplished to obtain cost-down.

h)      Electrical Components:                We supply Piezo sounders, Relays, Power Resistors, large Capacitors.


The above are just to give an idea on the types of enquiries that we have successfully fielded.

However, we have positively responded to enquiries for medical apparatus, insect-proof mains inlets, custom solenoid valves, gas ignition components, custom fan trays, high-end EU camera equipment, plumbing parts and sea containers!

So it is hoped that you may appreciate the wide scope and willingness to pro-actively assist with enquiries.

Talk to Alan in the first instance, as the fuller the information provided, the better the outcome.

Any alternatives offered to assist should always be agreed to in writing by the customer (of course).