Printed Circuit Board Assembly                                                   
Alan has a long experience (27 years) with printed circuit boards assemblies from the production and parts viewpoint. He is well placed to consult with on points regarding processes and suitability of parts, that may prove to be valuable.
Very often aspects of layout or design, and part specification, can impact on production yield and cost to manufacture.
However, for quotation, all that is required is the design gerber file and BOM. Ask and you shall receive.
Testing and programming can be done according to the customer requirements.
Design assistance and design peer review can also be organised. Of course each job will vary in specifics.

Further additional work, or sub-assembly can be done, such as wire/cable attachment, housing into an enclosure and potting.
Alan’s Taiwan principal use the appropriate factory/facility for each job, and look after the customer’s interests on-site, and inspect the outputs.

Cable and Cable Harnesses.                                                             
Cable can be procured from the manufacturer’s factories. Indeed a special custom cable has been made for one Australian customer already.
Cable assemblies is an area where Alan’s principal excels, and we produce already several dozen types for customers, from the fine detail of HDMI cable up to cables for appliance use . They have a wide experience in this.
Quality levels are UL Certification, CSA, ISO9001:2000, through to ISO/TS16949 . Our products pass ROHS and REACH + NP in European Union.
Of course, it is a matter of specifying testing and quality levels required.
Cost-downs can also be looked at through the use of suitable alternative part manufacturers. This is typically achieved.
New tooling, and over-moulding is done, as well as integral ferrite onto cable moulding, to enhance the end-product’s presentation and performance.

 Metal work.                                                                                            
It is only a matter of providing the drawings and specifications in order to obtain a quote.
Of course MOQ’s apply, as with any metal production house, so please check.
It is true to say that virtually all jobs in this area are custom made. The costs that Alan has provided to the market have been very competitive against prices that some customers have obtained directly from China!. It is normal that fabricated sheet parts with NCT (no tooling cost) process c/w powder coating are offered at a lower price than just the powder coating (only) may cost here in Australia.

It is only a matter of providing the drawings and specifications in order to obtain a quote.
Of course MOQ’s apply, as with any plastic tooling and production house, so please check.
Alan’s principal does substantial work in this area, and, as explained, look after the customers interests, including such areas such as correct maintenance of tooling that is held at a factory. One larger customer here in Australia recently did a visit, with an audit on such issues being part of the objectives, and were very happy.
All sorts of plastics work can be looked at, so it is simply a matter of enquiring. We have a number of completed jobs done already in production.
It should be mentioned that such work, if done together with some of the before-mentioned processes, can lead to the logical outcome of sub-assembly or even full turnkey production, testing and packaging (boxing) to be done, whereby goods may be sent directly to your end-customers.

  Custom assemblies.                                                                           

This may be a logical conclusion to having Alan’s Taiwan principal performing some of the above processes, on a step by step basis.
To reduce labour content, floor space, material handling and warehousing, admin to procure and control, not to mention the initial lower raw material costs, it may very well be the “end-play” goal. It can be done in “bite-size” steps, so that risk concerns can be addressed along the way.
It can even be that full turn-key can be done, testing, documenting of same, boxing, and then despatch directly onto your shelves or to overseas customers.
We have ( and still do) sub-assembly work for a good number of OEMs in Australia, that include sheet-metal, wiring, pcbs, part supply assembled in, and labelled.
We also do potted pcba subassembly c/w wiring, a custom over-moulded electro-mechanical valve c/w wiring, and fully turnkeyed hand-held controllers for industrial use.
It is such work that ( Alan believes) is the most satisfying, due to the many aspects of cost-down achieved.

 Enclosures and subassembly.                                                        
Here we are referring to the Metal Enclosures commonly use in industrial application to house the controls of electronic/electrical equipment.
I think that many OEMs in Australia are often compelled to use the brands from the large global electrical groups, at prices that many believe to be high.
If you agree, it may be worthwhile to speak with Alan if your requirements are for OEM application, that is, where you have an ongoing steady requirement.
Further, it is often that some customisation is required, such as adding holes. This is possible to be organised with Alan, thus achieving further cost-down.
Additionally, it is usual that DIN rails, terminal blocks, circuit breakers, pilot indicators etc need to be added, and the wires prepared to be wired in. This kind of enclosure “sub-assembly” can be looked at, with the advantage of lower part costs and labour, hopefully covered by one part number !
Add up your direct and indirect costs of procuring these parts locally, and the admin/labour/wasteage/warehousing/kitting/factory-floor-bench space involved if done on your factory floor. Batteries (SSL approved brands) can be supplied with the terminal cables in the shipment, ready to fasten in. Imagine it!
This concept can be a game changer for those industrial OEMs!
 PROCUREMENT .                                                                                 
( Please see “Parts supply” page for greater detail).
We have covered above procurement for what are usually custom parts, but Alan is quite happy to look at the procurement of “off-the shelf” parts as well.
Of course the range is only limited by what the customer may ask for.
We have already supplied (or quoted on successfully) parts such as fans ( most brands) and fan accessories, switches, industrial switches, terminal blocks, power-supplies, Power distribution Units (PSU), Sealed Lead Acid Batteries (SSL approved type), HDMI cables, Fan Trays, enclosures, Piezo buzzers / sounders, relays, power resistors, transducers and heatsinks.